Tuesday, August 22, 2006


holiday begin last friday evening. yeah, holiday. but, got a lot of homeworks to do. all works must be submit after the holiday ends. and less holiday will be enjoy, because of you homeworks. huhu.

got a folio chemistry must be done only a week. the folio is about the uses, manfacture and environmental issues of suphuric acid. go to surf them in the internet, copy and paste them in Microsoft Word. a bit done. haha. then, will add up a bit introduction and summary, bla, bla and bla.

want to go to kangar because i want to buy something there. i hope tomorrow, okey. got RM 1 free and 20 sms FREE from the hotlink. haha. and reedem another 200 FREE sms from the points.

if you want it, simply:
TYPE *100*4*2*1*1# and press CALL
if this doesnt work, i don' know. haha. but it works for me.

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