Sunday, March 11, 2012

Kindness of Stranger


This evening, L & me went to Kak Zu's stall (Kedai Kak Zu) for dinner. We decided to eat there instead of tapau, since we are free. LOL; as if we are busy all the time. So, we ordered the meal and 10 minutes later, the food came. L just bought plain white rice with an omelette while I got my usual Nasi Goreng Kampung. We ate happily while watching Astro Oasis.

At the moment we want to pay for the food, the akak told us that there's already someone who paid for us.

Akak: Ada pakcik tu dah bayar. Yang bungkus ni je belum bayar lagi.
L: Pakcik yang mana satu eh?
Akak: Yang duduk meja 9. Pakcik yang gelap2 sikit tu, pakai serban.
L: Oh. Pakcik yang hisap rokok tu eh?
Akak: Tak-tak. Pakcik yang duduk sebelah kiri meja.
L: Ah, cakap kat pakcik tu; terima kasih eh.

Akak 2 mencelah: Rezeki tu. Hehe.


I don't recognize the pakcik, because once I entered I went straight to the table without looking elsewhere. Who knows that pakcik?

On the way home, L joked;
"Ah, rugi tak makan banyak-banyak tadi"
"HAHAHA, alhamdulillah"

p/s: It’s nice knowing that there are still sweet and kindhearted people out there.