Thursday, January 27, 2011


Few weeks ago, when my housemate and I were watching television, then we came across this song called 'Like a G6'. What is it actually a G6, huh? Even being worship in the song..

Then yesterday, I heard another Korean song. In the lyrics I found another G6.
Today, I'm still rocking' this stage, I'm flying like a G6
It feels just like I'm flying in the sky
Like I've fallen into a happy dream, like a child, flying through the air with our hands clasped you and me together

Ehh, G6 again? WHAT?
Why not G1?
Why not A16-02?   Ops, thats my house~
Why not B4?  
Why not ..
Why not ..

Being curious, I searched. So I found that, G6 is a plane. Yes, a plane. But not just a typical plane. It is slang for the Gulfstream 650, a twin-engine private jet being developed by Gulfstream Aerospace. Its price is estimated at $58 million. Wow! 

The interior

But, why an airplanes model of all things?
For the 5th Gen; we also can use it. We're flying like a G5!