Thursday, January 27, 2011


Few weeks ago, when my housemate and I were watching television, then we came across this song called 'Like a G6'. What is it actually a G6, huh? Even being worship in the song..

Then yesterday, I heard another Korean song. In the lyrics I found another G6.
Today, I'm still rocking' this stage, I'm flying like a G6
It feels just like I'm flying in the sky
Like I've fallen into a happy dream, like a child, flying through the air with our hands clasped you and me together

Ehh, G6 again? WHAT?
Why not G1?
Why not A16-02?   Ops, thats my house~
Why not B4?  
Why not ..
Why not ..

Being curious, I searched. So I found that, G6 is a plane. Yes, a plane. But not just a typical plane. It is slang for the Gulfstream 650, a twin-engine private jet being developed by Gulfstream Aerospace. Its price is estimated at $58 million. Wow! 

The interior

But, why an airplanes model of all things?
For the 5th Gen; we also can use it. We're flying like a G5!


Kei Seichi said...

G6 itu adalah kapal terbang yg sngt pantas..
so flying like a G6 means flying really fast and its the best flying experience..
n G6 jugak kapal terbang yg sngt mahal..so can also means flying with style and luxury...
lebih kurang la mcm tu...hehe

Zawani Zainudin said...

qis, entry dah mcm script choral speaking. huhu. abes tu g5 tu ape plak mksd die? cam pnh tdengar dlm lagu 'leavin' jesse mccartney =)))

balqis said...

@ Kei Seichi
Yup2. Nak fly pun kne ade style eh? :P

Haha, try ayat pendek2 je. G5? Oh, search jugak tadi. G5 pun a type of plane like G6.
G5 is another Gulfstream G500 business jet. With its two Rolls-Royce BR710 engines, this thing can fly from LA to Moscow without refueling

..hizamirahim.. said...

thanks for the info.

Raji berkata said...

I want to fly in a G5 xD
mcm exclusive bila la ak nk merasa

balqis said...


naik airasia je la. ha3 :P

kyo_9 said...

ooo.. baru ku tau~ thanks!