Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I am sorry, everyone.

I admitted that I've been played around. I am not being so serious and kinda lazy, And now, I know.

I miss all of you :)

like what this girl said, could it be that I've been far away from HIM. maybe HE miss the tears in the 1/3 of night. umi always reminded me to do qiamullail or less enough a tahjjud pray at night. but this girl always 'tidur mati' & rarely wake up in the night to do that. I'm sorry, mum. I'll try my best to get up~

have to accept the pain. I'll struggle my best :)


oneaminah sakura said...

La Tahzan...it sure have something for us to muhasabah and don't be leka with syurga dunia~

balqis said...

insyaAllah :D