Friday, September 25, 2009

kuih bangkit sedap.

tak jumpe usb kamera, lenkali upload gambar

I went back to Perlis yesterday after having 5-day Raya at Terengganu. All the family memebers were having funs. Kak Neni (maid) pun ikut same memandangkan si Ibah takleh nak berenggang dengan bestfren-nya tu.

Ohh, tak lupe juge kakak & aisyah! How the Raya's celebration at overseas?

da memorious EVENTS at Terengganu
- I've got a lot of duit rayas $$$! Loved it as just got +6k in the bank. OKB la~
- Shopping on the night before Raya. The bazar beside the Astaka Mall was very crowded with PEOPLES!
- Got to wander around, jalan-jalan and I must say I like it.
- Went to a beach at Dungun. I forgot the name, hehe. Unfortunately, Umi doesnt gave her permission for us to went into the sea. Anyway, berposing jela berlatarbelakangkan air laut yang biru kehijauan.
- Spent 3 nights at Sumah's NEW house (adik ayah) at Wakaf Beruas.
- Met my cousinss from Terengganu, KL & Kelantan but I forgot some of their names =P. My cousin from my ayah's side is only one and definitely I wouldnt forget it, ne~

- Overslept during Raya's khutbah. *astaghfirullah*
- Abg Saif's and family got into accident at Bandar Jeli. Luckily, none of them got injured just only the ekzos tercabut.
- Jalan Gerik-Jeli yang berlekor-lekor (bukan keropok lekor ye!) sampai pening kepala aku dibuatnye. On the way back to Perlis, I slept throughout this lekor-lekor way until my dad asked why I slept too much!

Anyways, not too late to say now on the 6th day;
SELAMAT HARI RAYA AIDILFITRI too all Muslims out there!
dont forget to do 6 days Syawal after this ye!

I should be packing by now.. and have to go STUDY!

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