Wednesday, September 06, 2006

choral speaking 06

this morning, had choral speaking competititon at dato' jaafar hassan school. quite nervous, because we have to be the second representative from 16 schools. first is smk agama perempuan kangar. huhu. but, we try our best on the stage. voice all out. haha.

don't expect we will win. last two years we got the second place. and this year, we won the first place. alhamdulillah, praise to ALLAH. penat jerit-jerit, tapi berbaloi.

we managed to rampas the trophy for the first time from smk agama arau (p). in fact, that school had won the trophy berturut-turut since choral speaking diperkenalkan. since when, don't know.

thought we will go to sabah if we win. don't know. thinking of sabah. haha. is that true? hmm, wait and see.

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