Sunday, October 09, 2011


Prof. G: So, do you have any problem?
Student X: Er, I don't know.
Prof G: Oh, that's a big problem. You don't know that you have a problem or not. Then, we can't help you. Right?
Student X: *smile*

"When we feel being posioned by stress, pressure, pain and failures; the best antidote is to pray"

Note to myself: Read M everyday.
A must!


Faariis said...

= mathurat? manga? microb?

balqis said...

Microb everyday? Wow!

nana said...

lama tak baca blog balqis..huhu :)
x kira apa pun masalahnya, semoga balqis tabah slalu ek ^^

ªmiruL™ said...

masalah btul dgn dia punye problem ni la...