Sunday, August 09, 2009

pulang kali pertama.

there have been held interfaculty scrabble competition by FPSK students specifically at 11th floor. I am one of the participant for the second round and actually this is my first time playing scrabble with people watching arounds. I'm quite nervous, once I shaked my hand (hopefully no one noticed =P) and the piece of scrabbles scramble up. lol, I'm so nervous nahh~ then afterwards, I tried to calm myself until the end but unluckily I dont manage to win the game. hahaha =D at the first round I'd lost! not to say quarter, semi final and the final though!

after finished playing the game, I dont watch the quarter & afterwards but went to the 9th floor instead to watch movies provided. It was 'Knowing'; the not-so-thriller movie, but kinda 'seram' a bit. about 3pm, went back to Glenview apartment (I know the name sounds a bit exclusive) & packed to go back home.

the route from my apartment to Pudu Station:
Glenview -> take taxi (about >rm6) to Cempaka LRT
from Cempaka LRT go to Plaza Rakyat LRT (rm2.40)
at Plaza Rakyat, walk to Pudu Terminal. Plaza Rakyat is just behind The Pudu Terminal.

at Puduraya, it was FULL of people. oh NO, H1N1! I dont wear my mask; just being lazy. & I just read the news that Pudu is one place of the most theft cases happen. my umi kept reminded me:
hehehe =D atau kalo nak terjemahkannya: jangan balik sorang!

so, my plan?
- act cool (perlu ke?)
- take care of my belongings.
- dont trust strangers.
- try to walk in groups if can. alone is a NO-NO. if only in desperate cases.

OH, hey people! Its my mum's birthday today!

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