Thursday, November 27, 2008

I have no mood to study. help!

two more days before I will leave home again. semester two will be open on 1st december and my life as USIM student will recycle again, he. oh, I wanna announce a very good news to everyone:
my sister, Aisyah will be getting marry next month on 20th. all are invited to the wedding party here at perlis, minna san! I will surely be back at home to see this! theme: pink? :)
hm, this is just a bit that have happened to me in this 6 months and not in chronologies. there are lots but not enough spaces to tell, he :) MEMORIES, its a beautiful thing~

1. in the 1st chemistry quiz, the lecturer said that anyone that got the lowest mark will have to give present to the highest. guess what? that 'one' is me.

2. on the way back home from cyber cafe to my camellia court apartment which the distance is about 300 metres, I lost some money. hu, rm5 is very precious there, ne~ (I can buy a plate of nasi goreng pattaya, yummy)

3. attended fabulous Hari Raya parties at my campus. one- party organised by my math tutorial lecturer, Cik Faeza helped by dentistry students specially for base-science students. two- party organised by pusat tamhidi to tamhidi students; the food served that day are really really delicious. here and there, tent full with crowds enjoying their foods; rolling chicken, ketupat, lamb chop, cendol, beriyani rice and a lot of food I can't name it. third- eid party to all USIM students held at stadium nilai. the stadium was packed with people and I can't really enjoyed the food because all have finished in a second!

4. a day before we went back home separately, my friend and I went to Mcdonald to celebrate our last examination we had in this semester. horrayy! (eventhough my wallet was already slim :P). next stop, ofkos GIANT! hhahaha, a place USIM students must go. lol. window-shopping until maghrib cos we don't know what to do else as my bus is on the next day~

5. day of MUET reading, writing and listening test, the USIM buses buat hal! only a bus appeared in half an hour. dahla ramai yang nak attend MUET tu, macam tak tahu pulak. nak boikot pun, hari lain la. sudahnya, aku sampai pukul 8.10 pagi sedangkan MUET examination start at 8am. alhamdulillah, I managed to answer all the six long-boring-passages.

; my jdrama addict. lol =P
currently, watching half part of tokyo shounen/tokyo boy; part [1] + [2]. shibatora drama (ada koike teppei!) is just only 3 episodes and devil beside you (the perempuan sangat comel), 6 episodes. hey, balqis you should be studying!

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