Friday, November 10, 2006

can't smile without you

i can't smile without you, my friends ;D

you know, i cant' smile without you
i cant' smile without you
i cant' laugh and
i can't sing
i'm finding it hard to do anything

you see i feel sad when you sad
feel glad when you glad
if you only knew what i'm going through
i just cant' smile without you...

you came along
just like a song
and brightened my day
who would've believed
that you were part of a dream
now it all seems light a year way

and now you know
i cant' smile without you...

MERDEKA!! haha; malam nanti nak pergi KL. umi ada program dekat TTS sampai hari isnin. hmm, malam isnin aku nak pergi sekolah. huhu; tak tau sempat ke tidak. ada program dekat sekolah.

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