Monday, July 24, 2006

anak datuk k

semalam, jalan2 tengok blog orang. jumpa cerita nih pasal anak datuk k...

quote from xazuru,
people from yesterday always think that a 'mak tiri' is a bad person and knows only to ask you wash the dishes and tidy up the house. They have been brainwashed with Cindrella and Snow White.

Anyway, mak tiri nowadays may not be that bad. However, if you know the truth the 'mak tiri' is stealing ur dad and happiness from your mom, no one should feel OK about that.

But for CT.. I don't know whether he stole Datuk K from his wife or not. Eventhough they divorced last year.. that doesn't mean that Datuk K is a noble 'duda'.

Maybe Datuk K and CT relationship that makes the couple break up.. maybe not. However, I don't know the truth.. maybe someone out there should enlighten me.

When I searched Youtube for some clips regarding this new couple.. I found out that they both love each other. And when the media asked them about what part that they like each other..

Dato K said.. something like "I like her".. hehe.. speechless with so much media. I wonder if businessman with millions of ringgit still not be able to control their speech in front of media.

and when the media asked CT about parts that she liked about him.. she said something like.. "I like the way he loves his children". and that makes people asking what type of love that he gave to his son.

Coz at least 30% of married man around pentas sunda may have dreamt (or at least day dream) about marrying CT. So they're checking whether they're still in the business.(on wooing celebs).

So they start searching for that old chap dato K's son in the net.. and found out some of his son's picture. and here it is...

anak datuk k-
-anak datuk k

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