Monday, May 29, 2006


Currently, i'm just finished my mid-exam. Quite difficult some subjects. But all okay, I guess. During this long holiday, I've got a lot of homework to do. but i'm just too lazy. How could i be more hardworking?? Huhu..T_T. This morning, I do a little bit about my chemistry note. Oh.. teacher Aslina want to pick them up after the holiday. Begin from chapter 1 until chapter 6. How long..then, we got add math exercise. 5 set of papers to do. Then a lot more...

The main computer did not support the internet explorer. I don't know what wrong with it. But in that computer, we can sign in into yahoo messenger. Weird. I think the computer got haunted by spam. Hahaha. Because a lot of 'creative iklan' pop out sometimes. I don't take a pic of the that so much iklan. I'll post it later when that computer recover. Heheh. This entry i posted in my sister's notebook :). She's not here right now, so i'm just use it.

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