Tuesday, March 29, 2005


got this from someone's website. forgot the url :)

Ibu: Inilah dia if you don't listen. Wash your face, use the claenser and creams that I've bought you. They’re not to be kept! Or maybe you need to switch to another brand?

Ibu's friend: My daughter uses product X, I'm not persuading you to buy it from me, but maybe it could help.

Sister: What's that on your face?? It looks horrible…

Nenek: Orang tue2 kate, kalau banyak jerawat, itu tandanya suka sangat berangan? Hai... berangan aje nih… dah ade kawan special ker?

Friend 1: Maybe sbb ko suke pegang2 jerawat tu... it's getting worst!

Friend 2: Mak aaiiiiii... besarnye jerawat!

Me: Isk isk isk

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